The start of the Half Marathon and Relay Race stage  will be given from Haţeg town, more precisely in front of the headquarters of the Hateg Country Dinosaurs Geopark, Libertăţii Street, no. 9A. The finish is at Mălăieşti Fortress, in Mălăieşti village, Sălaşu de Sus district. The route starts at an altitude of 322m and reaches at the end of the race at the altitude of 628m. The total length of the route is 23.49km.

The change of baton will take place in Bărăştii Haţegului. Competitors enrolled in this stage will run 11.75km, respectively 11.74km.

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The length of the track to be taken by the participants in the Cross stage Cross 3.40km. The start in this stage is given in Sălaşu de Sus village, and the finish point is also at Mălăieşti Fortress.