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From the fourth edition, The Cross of Hațeg Royal Fortress becomes GEOPARK CHALLENGE – Hațeg Country Fortresses Half Marathon! For three years The Royal Fortress of Hațeg was brought back to the attention by organizing the Cross. Now this important objective is known by the community and is on the agenda of the authorities.
From 2018 we promote through a sporting event all the fortresses of Hațeg Country and add to the Cross a stage of Half Marathon and one of Relay Race.

Each year the competition will be held on another route and will bring to the foreground other Hațeg monuments.

The start of the Half Marathon and the Relay Race will be given from Haţeg town. Here you can visit House of the Geopark one of the interpretation points of the Hateg Country Dinosaurs Geopark, UNESCO Global Geoparc; the Tower of the Hateg Royal Fortress, Hateg Country Museum and the Bison Reserve.. From Haţeg the trail crosses two localities, Nălaţ Vad and Reea, then continues to Băraştii Haţegului, where the participants in the relay race will hand over the contest partner's bar. At a small distance from Băraştii Haţegului there is another point of interpretation of the geopark, House of Dwarf Dinosaurs and House of Traditions. From Băraştii Haţegului the route continues on a country road to Sălaşu de Sus. On this road your gaze will be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes of the Hateg Country, you will be able to look away to the Parang mountains, the Retezat mountains and you will admire a small part of the Hateg depression. In Sălaşu de Sus, you can visit Sălaşu de Sus Noble Court, a monument built in the Middle Ages. From Sălaşu de Sus the route continues alongside Meadows with Daffodils and Meadows with Butterflies up to Mălăieşti Fortress, recently restored, the place that marks the end of the competition and where the award ceremony takes place.

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